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  • Colin Powell Congratulates Dympna

    Las Vegas, General Colin Powell Congratulates Dympna's International Hall of Fame Induction.

  • Mayor Daley thanks Dympna for Serving as Executive Director

    Mayor Richard Daley thanks Dympna Fay-Hart for serving as Executive Director to City of Chicago Chamber of Commerce.

  • Revitalization Project of Northwest Highway

    A work in progress, The Chicago Northwest Highway Revitalization Program is boosting businesses and their traffic!  Thanks to all our Local government for coming out on this day!

  • Mayor Daley visits Northwest Side of Chicago

    Mayor Daley visits Edison Park to discuss revitalizing business areas and see the work that has been completed.  Alderman Mary O'Connor, past Alderman Brian Doherty, Dympna Fay-Hart, Mayor Richard Daley, Senator John Mulroe, 16th District Commander, area residents. 

  • Dennis Farina & Dympna Fay-Hart St. Michael's Benefit

    Dympna and Dennis Farina Supporting St. Michael's Parish Programs at Kendall College Culinary School in Chicago.  Thanks Dennis!

  • Deal or No Deal?

    Las Vegas-Century 21 International Convention, Howie Mandel Congratulates Dympna

  • Emory Moorehead, past Chicago Bears NFL player

    and Northshore Association of Realtors President, with Rob Richter, the Century 21 Midwest Zone Recruiting Director. Celebrating at Chicago's  Mid-America club for the Chicago Chapter of  NFL Retirement fund. Thanks guys!

  • Greg St. Aubin, Director of Governmental Affairs for the Illinois Assocication of Realtors

    2012 State Capitol conference, Springfield, Illinois. Thank you Greg St Aubin, Director of Governmental Affairs for the Illinois association of Realtors. Great  job, and proud to call you my friend!